Shaping Our Water Future

Programme features and highlights

WWCE 2024 Forums

The programme in Toronto will feature a number of agenda-setting Forums, including:

Monday 12 August
Groundwater Forum

Tuesday 13 August
Industrial Water Forum
Utility Leaders Forum
International Water Regulators Forum

Wednesday 14 August
Emerging Water Leaders Forum
Utility Leaders Forum – continued

Utility Leaders Forum

Convened around the needs and interests of water and wastewater utility leaders charged with service delivery, the Utility Leaders Forum (ULF) is a unique opportunity for those tasked with managing utilities to exchange views, network and to access the insights of prominent water utility leaders in a setting that is by utility leaders for utility leaders.

Over the course of two days, the Forum will bring together some of the world’s most prominent water utility leaders with the most impactful case studies to share experiences and knowledge. Curated by an international committee of experienced utility practitioners, the forum is structured to facilitate an open and interactive dialogue around some of the most critical issues facing utilities. Active delegate participation will be key.

On the agenda for 2024 are utility-led solutions for water scarcity, utility breakthroughs on climate adaptation, and utilities working to improve the circular economy.

By invitation. Utilities are invited to register their interest in participation at the following location.

International Water Regulators Forum

The International Water Regulators Forum (IWRF) is the international meeting of the global network of regulators of IWA. It gathers high-level representatives of regulatory authorities and officials of agencies with regulatory and supervisory functions over the provision of water, sanitation, and wastewater treatment services.

The 9th IWRF will be held during the IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition in August 2024 in Toronto, Canada, where a highly prioritised agenda addressing current regulatory priority challenges and topics of interest to regulators will be covered. Attendance of the Forum is by invitation only. The Forum will conclude with a closing plenary where discussions will be summarised and recommendations presented, providing an opportunity to engage with other relevant stakeholders and explore the interlinkages between regulation, science, policy and practice. The Forum is being shaped and steered by a diverse and motivated Programme Committee, a committed group of professionals consisting of high-profile members of the IWA Regulators Community.

By invitation

Emerging Water Leaders Forum

The IWA Emerging Water Leaders Forum is an event which sets an open platform for young water professionals to connect with their peers from around the world. The Forum is a place to share professional experiences and highlight the critical responsibility of Young Water Professionals (YWPs) working on solutions for the future of water.

The global water sector faces unprecedented challenges, exacerbated by climate change, population growth, and urbanisation. To address these challenges effectively, it is crucial to empower and equip the next generation of water professionals with the knowledge, skills, and networks necessary to champion the course for a climate and water-resilient future.

The primary objective of the 2024 Emerging Water Leaders Forum is to empower young water professionals to become leaders in addressing the challenges posed by climate change and water scarcity. Through engaging sessions, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities, participants will gain valuable insights and practical knowledge to contribute to a more sustainable and resilient water future.

By invitation