Bureau of Waterworks Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Tokyo waterworks supports about 13 millon citizens and all urban functions in Tokyo by providing a stable supply of clean water. We have overcome various problems which Tokyo waterworks faced as population and economic growth. We are now one of the greatest waterworks utilities in the world. We promote international cooperation through our advantages:

  • Experiences to comprehensively operate and maintain our own various facilities, from reservoir to tap with the highest level of technology.
  • World’s lowest leakage rate (About 3%)
  • Pursuit of safety and security – Drinking water directly from tap
  • Daily stable supply – Around the clock control
  • Long-term perspective management –Financial basis for stable management

Japan Water Works Association

Japan Water Works Association (JWWA), a Public Interest Incorporated Association, was established on May 12th, 1932 with the aim of introducing water supply facilities and developing water supply technologies in Japan.

JWWA’s main activities include research and study of water supply management, technologies and water quality. JWWA also provides various service such as inspection and certification of water related products and support water utilities. These activities are quite essential for people’s daily life as well as social and economic activities in Japan.

Japan Society on Water Environment

The Japan Society on Water Environment (JSWE) was founded in 1971, aiming to facilitate, support and promote (i) academic surveys, researches and the promulgation of knowledge in the fields related to water environments; (ii) conservation and creation of clean, safe, healthy water environments; and (iii) services towards academic and cultural development. Today we have more than 2,000 individual members, over 100 corporate members and 50 international associate members. Our international activities include the publication of Scopus-indexed “Journal of Water and Environment Technology” (in English), the organization of the annual international Water and Environment Technology Conference and granting invitation awards to international members.

Bureau of Sewerage Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Bureau of Sewerage Tokyo Metropolitan Government is responsible for basic functions of the sewer system, i.e. sewage treatment, flood control through rainwater drainage, quality maintenance of public waters. In addition, based on the Management Plan 2016, the following initiatives are promoted:

  • Implementation of reconstruction of facilities, flood control, earthquake measures and other policies that help the residents of Tokyo feel safe and secure;
  • Combined sewer system improvement, advanced treatment, global warming measures, and other measures that contribute to the realisation of a city with a good water environment and low environmental impact;
  • Stable provision of best services at minimum cost.

Japan Sewage Works Association

Japan Sewage Works Association (JSWA) is a publicly registered non-profit organization as an advocacy for sustainable wastewater service. It was established in 1964 in the midst of rapid economic development period when lack of wastewater infrastructure caused sever pollution. Its membership include 1,500 local governments, 1,000 private companies, and over 400 individuals. JSWA makes standards for sewer products and guidelines necessary for wastewater service from planning and design to O&M. We also organize training programs mainly for utility staffs, QC inspection for sewer product manufacturers, and hold the annual conference and exhibition.

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