Water in Industries – Technical Tour

Friday 16 Sep 2022 | 9:00-16:00 

Visit to Kalundborg Industrial Symbiosis

Visit the world’s first industrial symbiosis and experience first-hand how private enterprises are exchanging residuals and by products from industrial production in closed cycles – with significant water savings as a result.

Industrial parks around the world have great potential for using resources more efficiently. Savings can be achieved by establishing shared water supplies and wastewater treatment plants. Furthermore, water and other resources can be recycled between the different factories. With the right technology and treatment, wastewater that comes from one company can be used as a resource in another. The Kalundborg Symbiosis is a pioneering example of this.

During this tour, you will be presented to an elaborate case of Integrated Water Resource Management around a lake, which provides water for the industrial community. The visit includes a guided tour of a waterworks, which abstracts water from the lake and treats it to drinking water quality without the use of chlorine. You will also visit the largest heat pump in Denmark and an advanced wastewater treatment plant that removes pharmaceutical residues from wastewater using ozone. Representatives from the industries in the symbiosis will explain how the symbiosis was started and how continuous processes is keeping it alive and ensuring further development.

Cost: 45 €
Pax: Limit of 50 delegates