Wastewater & Resource Recovery  – Technical Tour

Tuesday 13 Sep 2022 |13:00-17:00

The future treatment plant is a water resource recovery facility

Visit the full-scale living lab, Avedøre Wastewater Treatment Plant, where focus is on sustainable circular economy. The visit will include a guided tour of the facility where you will see and hear about:

  • Recovery and use of phosphorous in sludge ashes.
  • Carbon harvesting by prefiltration to increase biogas production and reduce energy consumption.
  • The Biogas Park where biogas is upgraded to bio-natural.
  • Nitrous oxide minimization by online control and control of nitrogen removal and test facility for treatment of hazardous substances in wastewater.
  • Next generation technology from our strategic cooperation under the name 3VAND: VCS Odense, Aarhus Vand, HOFOR and BIOFOS.

The treatment plant is operated by BIOFOS, Denmark’s largest wastewater utility which treats the wastewater of 1.2 million people living in the Greater Copenhagen Area at their three treatment plants. BIOFOS’ energy balance is positive with a surplus on 178%. Participation with comfortable, warm clothes is recommended.

Cost: 45 €
Pax: Limit of 100 delegates