Wastewater and Nature Restoration – Technical Tour

Friday 16 Sep 2022 | 9:00-16:00

Fully-covered wastewater treatment plant with ambitious goals and nature restoration of Frederiksborg Castle Lake

Visit Denmark’s first fully covered WWTP – Solrødgaard – in the historic surroundings of Hillerød, North of Copenhagen. Hillerød Utility has established a green field wastewater treatment plant with ambitious energy and climate goals and a unique architecture. Among the design drivers have been: net-energy positive, CO2 neutrality, optimal resource usability, symbiosis with private and public institutions, integration of the plant in the natural surroundings and high working environment standards.

The new WWTP was constructed to fulfil stringent effluent requirements (TP = 0.27 mg/l and TN = 6 mg/l). Among the installed technologies are pre-filtration for recovering of the carbon source in the raw wastewater, advanced online control including a COD splitter for optimal use of carbon for biogas production without compromising the denitrification process, anammox for treatment of reject water from mesofil digestion of sludge combined with external fat and household waste for a number of private companies and public institution (hospital).

The utility is also in the early stages of a new project concerning local rainwater management project in it’s city centre, which will address the urgent need to improve the aquatic environment in Frederiksborg Castle Lake. The project identifies potential solutions to meeting the requirements of Denmark’s national “Action Plan for the Aquatic Environment” by separating and diverting stormwater to relieve pressure on the existing sewage system and resolve future climate challenges as well as improve downstream water quality.

This visit will include a guided tour of the new green field WWTP and the Frederiksborg Castle Lake nature restoration project and will conclude with a guided tour of the historic castle (entrance fee is included in the price).

*Warm, comfortable clothing is recommended for this tour.

Cost: 45 €
Pax: Limit of 50 delegates