TUESDAY OCTOBER 11TH    /    9.00 am – 3.00 pm    /    SKY ROOM


The Changing role of Water Utilities: New Service Models and Innovation for Resource Stewardship

The role of water and wastewater utilities is shifting from a primary focus on resource provision to leading and enabling resource stewardship. This transition requires a greater emphasis on community engagement, industry partnerships and investment decisions that consider the social, economic and environmental costs in an ever changing environment and climate.

With this shift, new service paradigms for water utilities will aim to deliver value to a range of stakeholders, with strategies and business models that embrace concepts such as the circular economy and take advantage of the digital revolution. The role of the customer in strategic and business planning will become central, with water utility leaders instigating a public discourse on the value of water.

Bold decisions on new technologies and practices needed

Utilities will be challenged to take bold decisions in adopting new technologies and practices that enable these transitions, finding ways in the innovation process to navigate political and regulatory constraints and also meet the changing demands of customers. Water utility leaders will need to anticipate and respond to the barriers and opportunities for innovation to deliver these services of the future and be resource stewards.

The Utility Leaders Forum, to be organized as part of the World Water Congress in Brisbane in October 2106, provides a unique opportunity to bring together utility C-level executives to share, learn and network amongst each-other, but also connect with other leaders who support this transition of urban water utilities as resource stewards.

The Forum will be structured around two themes, divided into two 95 minute sessions. Each theme will include a panel with 3-4 panelists addressing sub topics in each a 10 minute presentation, followed by 3 x 20 minutes’ group discussions on each of the sub-topics. The discussions from each table will be summed up in the closing session. Detailed programme can be found below.

Keynote Speakers




09.00-09.20 Opening/Introduction Dr. Helmut Kroiss, President, IWA

Adam Lovell, CEO, WSAA

 09.20-09.40 Keynote Roelof Kruize, CEO, Waternet
SESSION 1: Resource Stewardship:
09.40-10.25 Session 1, Panel Presentations
Subtopic 1a: Community/ stakeholder engagement: Creating impact at scale

Subtopic 1b: Industry and utilities partnerships

Subtopic 1c: Green infrastructure and innovation

Subtopic 1d: Reducing consumption: Demand management

Lucia Cade, Board Chair, South East Water

Olaf van der Kolk, Aquaminerals

Louise Dudley, CEO, Queensland Urban Utilities

Sue Murphy, CEO, Water Corporation

10.25-10.35 Coffee Break
10.35-11.45 Session 1, Table Group Discussions  Moderators:

Kevin Young, MD Sydney Water
Walter Kling, Secretary General, IAWD
Fan Xiaojun, ED, Macao Water
Rick Warner, President-Elect, WEF
Raveen Judaram, CEO, WaterCare
Ria Doedel, CEO, WML
Tom Williams, Programmes Director, IWA
Jonathan Clement, CEO, PWNT
Kevin Hutchings, MD, South East Water
Annette Ottolini, Director, Evides
Tom Mollenkopf, Senior Associate, Aither Melbourne
Emilio Colon, International Council, AWWA

11.45-12.30 Lunch Break
12.30-12.50 Keynote Peter Joo Hee Ng, CEO, PUB
SESSION 2: New Service and Business Models
12.50-13.25 Session 2, Panel Presentations
Subtopic 2a: Utility partnerships to scale innovation (joint city and utility work)

Subtopic 2b: Customer centric business planning – innovative technologies

Subtopic 2c: Data in the resource revolution. What problems can we solve?


Anders Buur Bækgaard, CEO, VCS Denmark

George Hunt, CIO, Sydney Water

Mark Venhoek, CEO, SUEZ Australia

13:25-13.35 Coffee Break
13.35-14.40 Session 2, Table Group Discussions Moderators:

Raveen Judaram, CEO, WaterCare
Jonathan Clement, CEO, PWNT
Wim Drossaert, CEO, DUNEA N.V.
Ria Doedel, CEO, WML
Nilaksh Kothari, Past president, AWWA
Walter Kling, Secretary General, IAWD
Harro Bode, Retired CEO Ruhrverband
Rick Warner, President-Elect, WEF
Tom Mollenkopf, Senior Associate, Aither Melbourne
Annette Ottolini, Director, Evides
Kevin Hutchings, MD, South East Water

14.40-15.00 Closing Remarks Adam Lovell, CEO, WSAA

Diane D’Arras, President Elect, IWA

For more information please contact Pritha Hariram.