2018 Pavilions 

Water World-Class Solutions 

Emerging Technologies Program and Pavilion

IWA and Isle Utilities cooperate in setting up the IWA-Isle Emerging Technologies & Challenge Exchange Hub (ETP) during the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition. The Hub facilitates as the meeting point between the Utilities behind the challenges and innovative solution providers. It showcases several unique and innovative best practices of a cooperation between solution provider and utilities. The days are divided into themes Day 1: Challenges and Opportunities for Deployment of Water treatment World Wide. Day 2: Challenges in water recycling from industrial waste water stream. Day 3: Practical Insights into Smart Water Deployments

IWA- ISLE Emerging Technologies Program: AGENDA

Location: Business Forum Room 2

ISLE-IWA Emerging Technologies Program Day 1
17 Sep 2018

09:00-17:00 ETP Pavilion open (stand 5)


Keynote: SMART Assets and Resilient Infrastructure by Anglian Water

Peter Simpson – Chief Executive Officer, Anglian Water Group

SMART Assets and Resilient Infrastructure – As the water industry faces the growing challenges of meeting customer demand and ensuring water availability, there is an ever growing need to for innovation. There are a number of opportunity areas that collectively will help us achieve a more resilient service, including, SMART assets utilising real time data, greater use of natural capital, engaging customers to reduce demand and water recycling, etc.

Keynote: Recent technical advances in Suez Asia’s wide-ranging operations by Suez

François Fevrier- CEO Water Asia, SUEZ

Asia, particularly China, has the fastest-growing economy in the world, and is exerting increasing demand on resources and facing the challenge of sustainability. The Shanghai Chemical Industry Park in China, the fourth largest of its kind in the world, is on the quest to stay competitive, attractive and sustainable while respecting the environment and its local residents. SUEZ, a global leader in smart and sustainable management of resources, answered the call by providing the Park with tailored water solutions to fulfill its needs for water and industrial effluent treatment that complies with regulatory standards. It is also taking proactive measures to anticipate the pressure on resources, as well as the trends in environmental regulations and sustainable development.

Panel Discussion

amongst Anglian Water; Aqualia ; PureTerra Ventures; SWAN; SUEZ

Moderator: Benjamin Tam, Head of Business Unit| Strategic Projects, Isle Utilities


Hear from entrepreneurs with innovative solutions to water challenges. Ten minute pitches with Q&A from a distinguished group of judges (SUEZ, Anglian Water, PureTerra Ventures).

Emerging Technologies Pavilion Exhibitors presenting include: Systea (Italy); Hawle Water Technology Norge (Norway); PowerTech Water (USA); Hydroko (Belgium); Hydro-dis (Australia); Terraheim (Korea)

ISLE-IWA Emerging Technologies Program Day 2
18 Sep 2018

09:00-17:00 ETP Pavilion open (stand 5)


Keynote: AnMBR Technology: Boosting Circular Economy In Sewage Treatment

Jose Ramon Vazquez Padin- Area Manager at the Department of Innovation of FCC Aqualia SA

In order to demonstrate the potential of Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor (AnMBR) technology as alternative to traditional aerobic UWW treatment, an industrial prototype with 40 m3 anaerobic reactor and 123 m2 of membrane has been designed and started-up. This AnMBR plant is fitted with industrial-scale hollow-fibre membranes modules and is fed with the effluent from the pre-treatment of the Alcázar de San Juan full-scale WWTP (Alcázar de San Juan, Ciudad Real, Spain).

Keynote: What makes a technology attractive in the eyes of an investor

Maarten Ter Keurst, Director of Investments, PureTerra Ventures

PureTerra Ventures is a private equity firm focused on investing in disruptive water technologies with a positive social impact. Dutch-managed and based out of Shanghai, China, our fund combines strong entrepreneurial experience, a proven track record in driving sales and distribution in Asia and a vast network in the Asian water technology market to create a unique value proposition for our investors and portfolio companies alike.

Panel Discussion

amongst FCC Aqualia SA, PureTerra Ventures, SUEZ, Isle Utilities

Moderator: Benjamin Tam, Head of Business Unit| Strategic Projects, Isle Utilities


Hear from entrepreneurs with innovative (waste) water solutions. Ten minute pitches with Q&A from a distinguished group of judges (BASF, Aqualia, PureTerra Ventures)

Emerging Technologies Exhibitors presenting include: Blue foot Membranes (Belgium); Luminultra (Australia);  Carex of Sweden (Sweden); Aquafortus (New Zealand); LG Sonic (Netherlands)

SWAN Forum Program:
Smart Water
19 Sep 2018

09:00-17:00 ETP Pavilion open (stand 5)


Keynote: “Introduction to the SWAN Forum and Insights on the Future of Water”

Frederick Royan | VP/Global Leader, Global Environment & Water Practice – Frost & Sullivan

The Smart Water Networks Forum (SWAN) is the leading global hub for the smart water sector, accelerating the awareness and adoption of data-driven technologies in water and wastewater networks worldwide.


Day 3 of ETP will host a series of Strategic Round Table Discussions (two sessions, 40 min. per session) where cross sector professionals and disciplines from finance, consultancy, technology providers, utilities, NGO’s and industrial sector will forward a new ‘circular’ perspective on Smart Water.

Topic #1: “The Importance of Investments in Innovative Water Technologies”

Hosted by Maarten Ter Keurst, Director Investments – PureTerra Ventures

Topic #2: “SMART Assets and Resilient Infrastructure”

Hosted by Peter Simpson, CEO – Anglian Water Group

Topic #3: “How to Communicate the Benefits of Smart Water Technologies”

Hosted by Benjamin Tam, Managing Director – Isle Utilities

Topic #4: “The Business Case for Smart Metering – What Is In It for You?”

Hosted by Jesper Daugaard, Senior Vice President – Kamstrup & Jens F. Bastrup, CEO – Skanderborg Water Utility

Topic #5: ” The Role of a Digital Utility in Boosting Customer Engagement “

Hosted by Peter Prevos, Manager Data Science – Coliban Water


The winner of the Emerging Technologies Pitches will be announced by the Executive Director of IWA


Innovative Technologies Participants

Round Table Discussion Participants

Find an extensive description of the programme and the pitches in the Programme brochure:


To become part of the programme or for any questions please contact Annelies Schenk annelies.schenk@isleutilities.com or +31(6)48782295

Water-Wise Pavillion

Engage with the IWA throughout the week at the Water-Wise Pavilion, which will focus on the role of connecting utilities to their cities and basins and to exchange with key urban actors rethinking utility service boundaries to transition to water-wise cities. The pavilion will host interactive content on regenerative services, water-sensitive urban design, and water-wise basins, with a focus on inspiring action towards a water-wise world using the IWA Principles for Water-Wise Cities.

The pavilion is powered by Arcadis, ARUP, CRC for Water Sensitive Cities, and Greater Paris Sanitation Authority.

Africa Pavillion

The Pavilion is organized by AfWA, The African Water Association (AfWA), formerly known as Union of African Water Suppliers (UAWS), founded in 1980. AfWA is a continental platform that brings together Corporates of Drinking water production and distribution, corporates managing Sanitation services, as well as those that regulate water and sanitation sectorial policies in African countries. It is composed of 115 Corporate Members, also called Regular or Active Members, from 45 African countries.

AfWA, the unique continental organization in Africa in the Water – Sanitation – Hygiene (WASH) sector was recognized, in 2014 by the United Nations Organization as an Advisory Member of its Economic and Social Commission with a Special Consultative Status.

Denmark Pavillion

Water for Smart Liveable Cities

Denmark has a long history of water and a remarkable tradition for sustainable solutions. Copenhagen is a liveable, blue and green city introducing smart integrated water solutions. In Denmark we drink groundwater directly from the tap, and thanks to efficient waste water treatment you can swim in our harbour, and our beaches are clean. New climate resilient neighbourhoods are being planned and built. Congress delegates will have plenty of opportunities to explore this living water laboratory.

Australia Pavillion

Australia – Water Partners for Development

Globally, Australian expertise in sustainable water management is widely recognised and it is fitting that Australia makes this expertise more widely available to countries in need. Our water management expertise is comprehensive and deep, and with decades of water reform experience, Australia now possesses world leading policy, legislative, regulatory, institutional, economic and environmental approaches to managing water scarcity.

The Australian Water Partnership invites you to visit the Australian Pavilion – find out what we and our Partners are up to – or use our booth as a meeting point for your networking.

On site contact (booth #111): Ashleigh Rhind (ashleigh.rhind@waterpartnership.org.au)

Japan Pavillion

Meet the hosts of the biggest IWA Congress & Exhibition to date. The Japan Pavilion is the gateway to meet the Japanese water solution providers and learn about the technology that leads one of the worlds most advanced water traditions.

Canada Pavillion

IWA Canadian National Committee (CWWA & CAWQ), together with the Embassy of Canada to Japan will organize a Canada Pavilion to support Canadian Water and Waste Water organizations.

Flanders Belgium Pavillion

Providing Flanders/Belgium (the 4th poorest OECD country on water availability) with sufficient water of good quality at a reasonable price is a major challenge. 1 on the 6 jobs depend directly on water availability. The key to success is the cooperation between enterprises, researchers and government.

At The Flanders/Belgium Pavilion you can get information about the Flemish leading edge water knowledge and technologies, and R&D&I or demonstration projects for sustainable water supply to all stakeholders within a robust water system (Flemish Government Vision 2050).

The Pavilion also gives you the chance to meet research institutes  active  in  water  research,  water end users (chemistry,  food,  textile,  agriculture,  steel),  drinking water  companies,  water  utilities  and  governmental organizations. The focus is on integrated water systems, water reuse, water loop closure, water pollution monitoring, effluent polishing and nutrient removal.

The Pavilion is powered by Flanders Knowledge Center Water (Vlakwa/VITO), AquaFlanders and De Watergroep.

Join us in Copenhagen! See you in...