7th International Water Regulators Forum

Programme Theme: Regulating water services in times of increasing natural, social, and economic uncertainty

The International Water Regulators Forum (IWRF) is the international meeting of the global network of regulators of IWA. It gathers high level representatives of regulatory authorities and officials of agencies with regulatory and supervisory functions over the provision of water, sanitation, and wastewater treatment services.

The Forum is shaped and steered by a diverse and motivated Programme Committee, a committed group of professionals consisting of high profile members of the IWA Regulators Community.


During the Forum, discussions are structured around highly interactive sessions that combine short inspirational presentations and roundtable discussions led by the speakers. The roundtable discussions provide an opportunity for participants and speakers to analyse and discuss in detail each topic, share comparative experiences, address proposed questions, and suggest one or more recommendations for consideration of the plenary.

The forum will consist of 5 sessions addressing current regulatory challenges and topics of interest to regulators at the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition in Copenhagen, three of which will be regulators-only (by invitation), and two sessions will be open to the general audience of the IWA Congress.

The forum concludes with a closing plenary where discussions will be summarised and recommendations presented, providing an opportunity to engage with other relevant stakeholders and explore the interlinkages between regulation, science, policy and practice.

More information

For more information about the Forum and its technical content, please contact Carlos Diaz, Strategic Programmes and Engagement Manager responsible for IWA’s Water Policy and Regulation agenda.

To request an invitation to the Forum, please contact William Cappuyns (Membership Engagement Officer, Regulation & Utilities).

Get involved

*An IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition 2022 registration is compulsory for Forum attendees.

*Please ensure you are logged to IWA-Connect.

Carlos Diaz

Water Regulation around the world