Guide for presenters

The IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition is the global event for water professionals covering the full water cycle. As the Congress rotates through cities and countries each event has an extra emphasis on issues of specific interest to the region. The 2022 edition taking place in Copenhagen will have as key focus the digital economy, smart and liveable cities, entrepreneurship and diffusion of innovation, climate change adaptation , community and customer engagement, and sustainability. 


31 JUL 2022

31 JUL 2022

31 JUL 2022

31 JUL 2022

31 JUL 2022

Platform presentations

Only few submission were selected for a platform presentation. As oral presenter you will have 12 min to present your paper in the assigned technical session.

Deadline 1 July 2022

The IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition in 2022 will be a physical congress where authors will make their presentations in person.

However, though this is not mandatory, IWA would like to strongly encourage you to submit a pre-recorded presentation before you come to the congress. After the Congress, your presentation will be made available in the IWA Content Management System (CMS) that is currently under development. This will ensure that IWA members are able to watch and refer to your work in the future. It will form part of the rich content presented at the renowned IWA conferences and be available for reference by IWA members and other researchers who will have access to the CMS. The recorded version of your presentation will also ensure we have a backup file in case of any travel delays.

General instructions for preparing your presentation:

At the end of the preparation below, you will be requested to submit a set of 2 files:
PowerPoint presentation (mandatory)
Recorded presentation video (optional)

*You should make sure your recording is appealing and intriguing to keep the audience engaged during your presentation.

PowerPoint Presentation

  • An optional WWCE template for you to use has been provided as an attachment. You can also download the template on the Digital Congress website here.
  • If using your own template, remember to include a title slide.
  • Add your contact information to the last slide. This is important for delegates to be able to contact you with questions or comments after the event.

Recorded Presentation Video

The presentation can be recorded by any of the co-authors and will be available in the IWA CMS after the Congress. This way members who are unable to attend the Congress will have the opportunity to view your presentation later, as well as researchers interested in your topic.
The video must not be more than 12 minutes!

Please note:

  1. Videos featuring a product/service/technology must be informational rather than promotional. Presentations that appear to be a sales pitch will not be included in the IWA CMS.
  2. Make sure your recording includes your PowerPoint presentation, and you speaking with it.
  3. Media that is identified as obscene, provocative, inaccurate, or otherwise containing objectionable content will not be accepted.
  4. Do try to record from a location with no background noise, with enough natural light or with additional lighting options available. Avoid windows & lights behind you. Good light in front of you provides a better image.
  5. Ensure you keep some blank space in the right-hand corner of your slide where the video of you presenting will be located. See more information on this below.

There are several video conferencing tools available to easily record a presentation. These methods allow you to show your face via webcam and display your slides as you talk. Our recommended approach is to record the presentation using Zoom, available to users on most platforms and in most countries. Recordings are possible even with the free Zoom account.

Should you be unable to use Zoom, you may use any other meeting software as long as you get a good quality recording and your final file is in the MP4 format. The recording must show your face while you are presenting. The face must be displayed on the top right-hand corner of the slides that you are displaying. 

Uploading your recorded presentation and PowerPoint Slides

Please use the following naming convention: AbstractID – Lastname.mp4 and AbstractID – Lastname.pptx. (e.g. 45673-Smith). The AbstractID is the code that was entered in front of your paper title when it was accepted.

For PowerPoints and videos to be verified by the technical program committee, please upload your files by Sunday 31 July 2022.

To upload your files, please login to the profile area by using your email and your password.

Once logged into your Profile click the ‘Abstracts Tab’ followed by the ‘Your Submissions’ tab on the left corner and then click on the small pencil icon to update.

Full paper submission

After the peer-review process, the highest quality papers will be selected and authors will receive an invitation to develop full manuscripts to be submitted for publication in one of the IWA journals (namely: Water Science and Technology; Water Science and Technology: Water Supply; Journal of Water Reuse and Desalination; or Journal of Hydroinformatics). Please note that acceptance of a paper for conference presentation does not guarantee subsequent acceptance for journal publication, the final decision on journal publication lies with the journals’ Editor-in-Chief.

  • The 8-page formatted manuscript of your paper should be submitted through your profile area by using your email and your password and should be uploaded before the 1 July 2022. Please use the template and find the guidelines for preparing the manuscript on the website of IWA publishing.

2022 IWA Copyright: Authors automatically hold the copyright to their conference submissions, if the paper is accepted by the conference, the authors agree that their paper or abstract or poster can be used by the conference in the preprint proceedings of the event using the online platform (unless the authors expressly ask that this is excluded). The authors also agree that the conference organisers can send their papers to IWA Publishing for possible publication in their journals. If accepted in the journal the authors will pass their copyright to the publisher unless they are choosing to publish with an Open Access licence.

Certification of attendance

The certification of attendance will be sent after the event by email.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

I would like to deliver an oral presentation but my paper is selected for a poster presentation?

All the applications are reviewed by the Programme Committee in order to elaborate the programme. After extensive review from the Conference Programme Committee the submission is decided to be presented as a poster. Please note that only few papers are selected to be presented at platform.

What do you mean with “platform presenter”?

As a platform presenter, you will have a slot in the programme, which means that you will have around 15 minutes to present your work on a power point presentation. The Programme Committee will allocate your presentation in a session with much related topics that will allow you to share your work within a very interested audience.

My work was developed by 2 research institutes, may we have 2 presenters of the paper?

Unfortunately, only one person may present the paper. You may explain the audience the scope of the work and institution involved during your presentation.

Is it possible to use Keynote (mac) instead of Power Point (Microsoft) for the oral presentation ?

We can not run Keynote mac on the presentation laptops. Please make sure that you send your presentation in power point.

Workshop Organisers

As a workshop presenter you are in charge of the development of your session during the Congress.

Deadline 1 July 2022

Development of workshop

  • Confirmation with possible invited speakers (please note they must be registered to the conference in order to participate in the workshop)
  • Make sure to get the material (presentations, flyers, etc) from the participants invited to your workshop. Further details on how to upload your presentation will be available at a later date.
  • Bring any extra office supplies (i.e. markers, sticky notes, USB devices) required to successfully accomplish the workshop’s goals.
  • Use the template for PowerPoint presentations. The use of this template its not mandatory but is highly recommended.
  • Confirmation of the date/ time of the session you are organising will be available on the Congress Programme.