Groundwater Technical Tour

Wednesday 14 Sep 2022 | 13:00-17:00

From well to tap – Groundwater protection and visit to a Danish waterworks

In Denmark, drinking water is based exclusively on groundwater. One of the features that make it so unique is that chlorination is not necessary to achieve safe drinking water. This results from targeted groundwater protection, water safety plans, a dedicated water supply sector, and collaboration between regions, municipalities, waterworks, and the private sector. On this tour, participants will visit a small waterworks, and they will be introduced to the Danish approach to groundwater protection by the Capital Region of Denmark and by Birkerød Waterworks.

Birkerød  Waterworks: A consumer-owned waterworks with a production of 1.25 million m3 drinking water per year. The site visit will include a presentation of the Danish concept of sustainable and straightforward groundwater treatment by aeration/stripping and biofiltration to drinking water quality. In addition, we will present the design and operation of the local Water Safety Plan applied to ensure safe drinking water.

Birkerød groundwater park: In cooperation with the local municipality, the Capital Region of Denmark, the local nature conservation society, and other stakeholders, Birkerød Waterworks has introduced a new concept of sustainable groundwater protection called Ground Water Parks, where groundwater protection, development of biodiversity, climate adaptation and recreation are integrated.

Groundwater remediation activities in Birkerød industrial area: The Capital Region of Denmark will present its tasks and efforts to protect the groundwater from chlorinated solvents from the many old industrial sites in the area. By showing examples of the remediations on the different polluted sites we will present the overall remediation strategy which consist of a combination of source remediation using thermal techniques and vacuum ventilation as well as establishing a total pump and treat solution which handle the pollution plumes from entire industrial area. You will get a guided tur in the new water treatment building where the presentation will take place.

*For participation, we recommend wearing comfortable clothes.

Cost: 45 €
Pax: Limit of 50 delegates