Denmark – A Living Water Laboratory

Denmark is a living lab for sustainable water management and technology developed by a united water sector in innovative and cross-sectorial partnerships. At the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition in 2022, the Danish water sector will share its best practices within key Danish competencies such as urban water management, groundwater based drinking water supply, stormwater management, climate change adaptation, energy and resource efficiency and recovery.
Denmark wishes to bring forward this experience in global partnerships to ensure that we work together to find joint solutions to common challenges.

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Get an overview of all the players in the Danish water sector working internationally and connect with potential partners from water and wastewater utilities, universities, technology providers and consulting companies as well as municipalities and government agencies.

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Download free publications with best practice examples on topics such as urban water loss & leakage management, wastewater treatment & energy & resource recovery, urban water management, sustainable urban drainage systems, industrial water efficiency and sustainable groundwater mangement. The publications are developed by the Danish water sector and contains solutions and case examples from all over the world.

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