Climate Adaptation – Technical Tour

Tuesday 13 Sep 2022 |13:00-17:00

The transformation of Copenhagen’s harbour area – Climate change adaptation, flood protection and improved liveability

This technical tour will tell the story about the profound transformation of Copenhagen’s inner harbour and the companies, authorities and research institutions that formed the ecosystem required for its transformation, by providing expertise, technical solutions and visions for a climate proofed, safe and livable urban harbour.

Topics of the tour include: Climate change adaptation in the proximity of the harbour, protection of the (bathing) water quality in the harbour, prevention of stormwater and combined sewer overflow, future and present storm surge protection measures in the historical context and the integration of recreational activities in a former industrial harbour.

After the boat tour, experts that contributed to build the innovative solutions will present technical details of the projects at Sankt Annæ Square in the inner city of Copenhagen.

The presentations will feature: Detailed modelling and storm water management simulations (DHI): Advanced basin structures in dense urban environments (Krüger) and planning and design cloudburst infrastructures (Rambøll). The technical presentations will be made on-site and include demonstrations and oral presentations.

The tour will also offer a chance to get to know Copenhagen’s main tourist sights from the waterside.

*Solid footwear and weatherproof clothing is recommended for this tour.

Cost: 45 €
Pax: Limit of 80 delegates