Protecting basins and restoring those that are already degraded should be a priority to ensure a balanced approach to development that sustains cities and industries and the ecosystems they rely on.

What is the Basin Leaders Forum?
And who will take part?

The Basin Leaders Forum will provide an opportunity for water resource managers from sectors across river basins (e.g. cities, mining, energy, industry, agriculture, etc) to share knowledge and experiences and explore viable pathways for sustainable economic, social and environmental development of catchment areas.

Key questions to be addressed include: How can we achieve water security and build climate resilience within our watersheds in the coming decades? What actions need to be taken today to achieve sustainable management of basins that also can benefit from growing urban centres?

The Forum includes lessons and experiences of what tools and approaches have worked and not worked for long term continued investment into river basin management (e.g. report cards, modelling, visualisation tools, etc). The event will also be a stepping stone for development of an “Action Agenda for Sustainable Basin Management”, which will provide guidance for a bottom up approach to basin management especially involving urban and industrial areas through their actions at the catchment level.

Why is the Basin Leaders Forum important?

River basins are the lifeblood of nations. From the earliest civilisations they have strongly influenced human settlement and growth. Their degradation is a danger to both water flows and water quality that provide domestic water supply, food and energy for cities, industries and the catchments they rely on. Continued economic development for cities and industries within a catchment area requires water security.

What will be the structure of the Basin Leaders Forum?
The Forum will be structured around two sessions dedicated to basin leaders and joint session(s) with the utility, cities, and regulators leaders. Sessions within the Basin Leaders Forum will have a mix of roundtable and panel discussions to maximize knowledge and experience sharing.

Session A will reflect on transformational actions that have supported development in basins along with obstacles and how they were addressed. Session B will focus on tools and approaches that are being applied now and in the future to build resilience within basin. For more information, please look at the program details under “Download Area”.

Note: Participation in the Leadership Forums are by invitation only and space is limited. To register your interest in participating in the Basin Leaders Forum, please contact Basin Leaders Forum

Keynote Speaker




Bushra Nishat
IWA Programme Manager – Basins of the Future

Facilitators at the Basin Leaders Forum:

  • Dr. John Riddiford – Chair, IWA Watershed and River Basin Management Specialist Group
  • Dr. John Dore – Senior Water Resources Specialist, Australia’s department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)