Technical Tours

Combine your congress participation with Technical Tours to some of Denmark’s leading water projects and facilities. Short tours will be available during the conference, as well as full-day trips to Finland and Sweden before and after the congress.

Technical tours are available for registered Congress attendees only. Due to the high demand for the technical tours, you are advised to process the payment of your ticket upon receipt of the invoice and within 4 days. If the technical tour ticket(s) are not paid within the invoice due date, your technical tour booking will be put on the wait-list as ticket(s) are limited. Please confirm your payment at your earliest convenience.

Tour 1


From well to tap - Groundwater protection and visit to a Danish waterworks

Registration: Register here
Date/Time: Wednesday 14 Sep / 13:00-17:00
Cost: 45 euro
Pax: Limit of 50 delegates

In Denmark, drinking water is based exclusively on groundwater. One of the features that make it so unique is that chlorination is not necessary to achieve safe drinking water. This results from targeted groundwater protection, water safety plans, a dedicated water supply sector, and collaboration between regions, municipalities, waterworks, and the private sector. On this tour, participants will visit a small waterworks, and they will be introduced to the Danish approach to groundwater protection by the Capital Region of Denmark and by Birkerød Waterworks.


Tour 2

Wastewater & resource recovery

The future treatment plant is a water resource recovery facilty

Registration: Register here
Date/Time: Tuesday 13 Sep / 13:00-17:00
Cost: 45 euro
Pax: Limit of 50 delegates

Visit the full-scale living lab, Avedøre Wastewater Treatment Plant, where focus is on sustainable circular economy. The visit will include a guided tour of the facility where you will see and hear about:

  • Recovery and use of phosphorous in sludge ashes.
  • Carbon harvesting by prefiltration to increase biogas production and reduce energy consumption.
  • The Biogas Park where biogas is upgraded to bio-natural.
  • Nitrous oxide minimization by online control and control of nitrogen removal and test facility for treatment of hazardous substances in wastewater.
  • Next generation technology from our strategic cooperation under the name 3VAND: VCS Odense, Aarhus Vand, HOFOR and BIOFOS.

The treatment plant is operated by BIOFOS, Denmark’s largest wastewater utility which treats the wastewater of 1.2 million people living in the Greater Copenhagen Area at their three treatment plants. BIOFOS’ energy balance is positive with a surplus on 178%. Participation with comfortable, warm clothes is recommended.

Tour 3

Water loss

Combined technologies to fight global water loss

Registration: Register here
Date/Time: Tuesday 13 Sep / 13:00-17:00
Cost: 45 euro
Pax: Limit of 40 delegates

Visit the demo-sites of the LEAKman project – a Danish joint partnership specialized in water loss reduction.

Water scarcity and water loss are massive challenges for water utilities worldwide. Protecting water as a precious resource requires new technologies and collaboration. Leakage levels in Danish drinking water networks are among the lowest worldwide, with an average loss below 10%. This is the result of long-term efforts establishing strategic rehabilitation processes, good craftsmanship and accurate measurements of production as well as consumption. Denmark is a first mover when it comes to water technology, with various companies providing innovation in the field. In order to leverage this expertise, the LEAKman project has taken a novel approach to fight water loss by bringing all stakeholders along the water supply together such as technology providers, consultancies, utilities and the Technical University of Denmark. The full scale demonstration facilities situated close to Copenhagen present a possibility to experience the solutions in real-life.

Visit Greater Copenhagen Utility (HOFOR – 5 min Walk from exhibition) to get an overall introduction to the technical solutions of LEAKman including the integration of different technologies, partnership, vision, and already achieved results. You will also meet the different stakeholders involved in the project such as Leif Koch, AVK, HOFOR, Novafos, Grundfos, Aveva, Kamstrup, NIRAS and DTU.

Afterwards, you will get the chance to visit two demonstration sites around Copenhagen. This bus tour will take you to Frederiksberg Utility and Novafos Utility. Here, you will see and learn about the intelligent pump station and the demo-site showcasing pressure reduction valves, smart meters, antenna sites for collection of data, pressure sensors, and deployed noise loggers.

Participation with comfortable shoes and jacket is recommended as the sites will be outside.

Tour 4

Climate change adaptation

Creating liveable cities through climate change adaptation - the experience of Greater Copenhagen

Registration: Register here
Date/Time: Wednesday 14 Sep / 13:00-17:00
Cost: 45 euro
Pax: Limit of 50 delegates

Most of Copenhagen has a combined sewer and storm water system based on underground pipes. Climate change has increased the intensity and frequency of heavy rainfall events and lead to combined sewer overflow and surcharge. To build a more resilient city, Copenhagen has chosen to complement existing infrastructure, and to give priority to green-blue infrastructure in order to increase urban greenery and to improve liveability. The citywide cloudburst management plan relies greatly on the green and blue surface solutions, creating a new layer of infrastructure for storm water transport and retention.

The tour will visit five locations in The City of Copenhagen as well as Frederiksberg Municipality, where green-blue solutions have reshaped the city: Enghave Park, Carlsberg City, Lindevangsparken, Langelands Square and The Climate Quarter at Østerbro.”

Experts from both Copenhagen and Frederiksberg will cast a light on technical aspects and governance related issues on the bus and on-site. The tour will feature technical presentations including: Advanced cloudburst management (Enghave Park and Carlsberg City), technologies to close the water cycle and reuse storm and rainwater (Lindevangsparken), the use of digitalization to monitor and manage the complex urban hydrology (Langelands Square), and an integrated urban greenery solution to mitigate climate change impact (The Climate Quarter).

Solid footwear and weatherproof clothing is recommended for this tour.

Tour 5

Climate adaptation (boat tour)

The transformation of Copenhagen's harbour area - Climate change adaptation, flood protection and improved liveability

Registration: Register here
Date/Time: Tuesday 13 Sep / 13:00-17:00
Cost: 45 euro
Pax: Limit of 80 delegates

This technical tour will tell the story about the profound transformation of Copenhagen’s inner harbour and the companies, authorities and research institutions that formed the ecosystem required for its transformation, by providing expertise, technical solutions and visions for a climate proofed, safe and livable urban harbour.


Tour 6

Water quality and climate neutrality (boat tour)

Innovations for clean harbour water and climate neutral wastewater treatment

Registration: Register here
Date/Time: Monday 12 Sep / 13:00-17:00
Cost: 45 euro
Limit of 80 delegates

This boat tour will bring you through the harbour of Copenhagen to Greater Copenhagen’s largest wastewater treatment plant: BIOFOS Lynetten. The boat tour will introduce participants to the profound transformation of Copenhagen’s inner harbor from a dirty, industrialized area to a highly treasured recreational water body. Recently, CNN Travel marked Copenhagen as the top city for swimming, even ahead of cities like Rio de Janeiro – home to the famous Copacabana Beach.


Tour 7 *Full – Day Tour*

Wastewater and nature restoration

Fully-covered wastewater treatment plant with ambitious goals and nature restoration of Frederiksborg Castle Lake

Registration: Register here
Date/Time: Friday 16 Sep / 9:00-16:00
Cost: 45 euro
Limit of 50 delegates

Visit Denmark’s first fully covered WWTP – Solrødgaard – in the historic surroundings of Hillerød, North of Copenhagen. Hillerød Utility has established a green field wastewater treatment plant with ambitious energy and climate goals and a unique architecture. Among the design drivers have been: net-energy positive, CO2 neutrality, optimal resource usability, symbiosis with private and public institutions, integration of the plant in the natural surroundings and high working environment standards.


Tour 8 *Full – Day Tour*

Water in industries

Visit to Kalundborg Industrial Symbiosis

Registration: Register here
Date/Time: Friday 16 Sep / 9:00-16:00
Cost: 45 EUR
Pax: Limit of 50 delegates

Visit the world’s first industrial symbiosis and experience first-hand how private enterprises are exchanging residuals and by products from industrial production in closed cycles – with significant water savings as a result.


Tour 9 *Two – Day Tour*

Water for smart liveable cities

Water for smart liveable cities – the Danish experience

Registration: Register here
Date/Time: Friday 16 Sep & Saturday 17 Sep
Cost: 135 EUR
Duration: 2-Day Tour
 Limit of 50 delegates

Get the full experience of what the Danish water sector has to offer through this 2-day trip to Funen and Jutland where you will experience a combination of some of Denmark’s leading projects in terms wastewater treatment and resource recovery, climate change adaptation and smart water solutions that helps create attractive and liveable cities. This tour is also a great opportunity to experience some of Denmark’s cultural heritage.


Nordic Technical Tours

Want to combine your trip to Denmark with a visit to Finland or Sweden? Join the Technical Tours and explore sustainable water solutions in the Nordics.

Tour 10 * Pre – Congress Tour *

Tour to Finland

Finnish Water Way

Date: 10 September 2022
Registration: Register here *Registration deadline for this tour is 22 August
Cost: EUR 45
Time: 9:00-17:00 + optional evening programme
Limit of 80 delegates, subject to a minimum of 20 delegates
More info: Finnish Water

Experience the Finnish way of sustainable water management – in one day!

Get the most out of your Nordic IWA2022 experience with a one-day visit to Finland on 10 September 2022. At this full-day tour, you will learn about the latest water innovations by Finnish water sector and visit the largest wastewater treatment plant in the Nordics while enjoying the city of Helsinki – the Nordic hub of design, culture and urban nature.

The tour starts with inspiring presentations by world-class water experts. After lunch, you will get an introduction to Finnish way of sustainable water management and advanced Finnish water solutions in the form of site visits to Viikinmäki wastewater treatment plant. Viikinmäki WWTP, the largest treatment plant in the Nordics, treats around 270 000 m3 of wastewater every day, serving 900,000 residents. The WWTP built inside the bedrock is actively developing new methods for nutrient recovery and energy efficiency. In 2020, Viikinmäki WWTP produced 96 % of its electricity consumption.

*Please note that this event takes place in Helsinki, Finland, one day before the main event in Copenhagen. Participants are expected to coordinate their travel arrangements independently. The fee for the tour includes transports between Helsinki city center and Viikinmäki WWTP as well as coffee and lunch.

Photos: © Helsinki Region Environmental Services HSY

Tour 11 * Post – Congress Tour *

Tour to Sweden

Swedish Living Labs for a Water Smart Future

Date: 16 September 2022
Registration: Register here
Time: 9:00-17:00
Cost: 45 euro
Limit of 60 delegates

Get the most out of your Nordic experience with a one-day visit to Sweden.

Get the most out of your Nordic IWA2022 experience with a one-day visit to Sweden on Friday 16 September. At this tour, you will visit the cities of Malmö, Lund and Helsingborg and three exciting urban development areas where we work with storm- and wastewater in new and innovative ways.

The first stop and second stop in the programme are connected to the project REWAISE. We will visit the newly built wooden parking building in Sege Park, Malmö, where storm water is collected for watering the green walls of the climate neutral building. The next stop is the Brunnshög park area in Lund which is planned with sustainability and climate adaptation in focus and where we are testing membrane technique to purify storm water for new uses.

The third stop is Helsingborg city where we have lunch and visit RecoLab. It’s a Living Lab focusing on urban development around water and sewerage, waste, energy and recycling. Recolab is the largest source-separated sanitation plant in the world using circular treatment to efficiently recycle greywater, blackwater and food waste. It is also one of the three nominees for the Global Water Awards 2022.

When we are done at RecoLab we will take the ferry from Helsingborg to Helsingør in Denmark, where the bus will take you back to Copenhagen.

*The fee for the tour includes travel costs from and back to Copenhagen as well as coffee, lunch and Swedish fika.


This tour is an independently arranged alternative to the above technical tours. The IWA does not hold any responsibilities with regard to the Coast to Coast Climate Challenge Tour.

*Two – Day Trip*

Coast to Coast Climate Challenge Technical Tour

Explore climate adaption solutions across Denmark

Date: 16 & 17 September 2022
Registration: Please contact Christian B. Dehlbæk at:
Time: 16th Sep – 08:00 from Bella Centre – 17th Sep – 18:00 in the City of Aarhus.

Coast to Coast Climate Challenge and the European research network, “Circular City” is inviting you to a technical tour.

The trip is aimed at people who are interested in climate adaptation solutions and offers a chance to experience seven different climate adaption solutions across Denmark, and particularly the central part of Jutland.

During the trip you can, among other things, experience the Climate City in Middelfart, sØnæs in Viborg, LeMur and the Climatorium in Lemvig, Krylen in Ringkøbing, Årslev Engsø in Bradbrand and Friland in Rønde as well as experience Danish local seafood and oysters from the Limfjord.

Food and transport are provided by the Central Denmark Region. Participant is responsible for booking and expenses related to the overnight stay from 16th to 17th as well as return transport back from Aarhus.

To sign up for the trip or in case of questions, please contact Christian B. Dehlbæk at:

In the e-mail, please write your full name, contact information, and if you have any special food requirements.

* The accommodation between September 16th -17th  in Lemvig/Holstebro are at your own expense. You are required to make your own reservations in your name and with the note “Region Midtjylland / Central Denmark Region”. It is recommended to book as soon as possible.

Recommended hotels:

Hotel Tante, E-mail:
Hotel Lidenlund, E-mail:
Hotel Nørre Vinkel, E-mail:
Best Western Hotel Royal Holstebro, E-mail: