Date: Friday 14 October 2016
Time: 8.30am – 5.00pm
Cost: Free
Limit of 50 delegates

Water gives and sustains life and helps to create prosperity. It’s a vital service that Seqwater delivers to 3.1 million people in South East Queensland.

Taking action in our drinking water catchment to reduce the risks to water quality and increase the resilience of our source waters is critical to the delivery of a safe, secure, resilient and reliable water supply. Seqwater is one of the few bulk water providers in Australia that manages open catchments. People live, farm, work and play on and around our dams. We must maintain a careful balance between community access to our lakes and catchment land and protecting the quality of the region’s bulk drinking water supply.

South East Queensland has a unique relationship with its waterways. The topography of the region has resulted in relatively short catchments flowing from the nearby Great Dividing Range into the internationally recognised Ramsar-listed Moreton Bay, and beaches. The region’s open catchments support urban and economic growth through provision of quality drinking water and other water supplies, high quality agricultural production, globally renowned tourism and leisure facilities, scenic amenity, and world-class fisheries.

Analysis of water quality in our catchments shows water quality varies significantly across the region. Each catchment has its own risk profile, catchment characteristics and resulting water quality. Therefore, our approach must be flexible and adaptable. To develop our catchment management strategy, a wide ranging review of other water authorities, regulations and water quality management frameworks was conducted to benchmark current best practice source protection. Further analysis was conducted to establish the broader regional issues, risks and the fundamental processes that influence these to establish the core framework for catchment management

This tour will showcase our catchment management strategy, with a focus on activities and approaches in the Pine Valley Catchment. Participants will view key risks and challenges within our catchments and see first hand our catchment management strategy in action.

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