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What our Exhibitors say…

“Parkson is a leading provider of advanced solutions in water and wastewater treatment and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to highlight our innovative product line that ranges from screening, enhanced nutrient removal and biological treatment to biosolids management at such a prestigious event as the IWA WWCE 2018.  We have exhibited at this conference multiple times and regard this as one of the most beneficial conferences in the industry. We look forward to exhibiting in Tokyo and to meeting with water and wastewater professionals from all over the globe.

With a collection of innovative products, 25,000+ installations and over 50 years of experience, Parkson has the technology and experience to deliver innovative solutions globally. We continue to expand our global sales network to additional markets around the world in order to provide our customers with the products they need as quickly and conveniently as possible.”

Roland Mueller, International Sales Manager at Parkson Corporation

CAMBI Group AS feels privileged to be involved with this important global event. We are excited for the opportunity to meet with so many inspired, passionate professionals who are tackling the worlds biosolids and biowaste issues head on.

As a leading provider of technology for the conversion of sludge to renewable energy and high-quality biosolids. CAMBI was originally founded in 1989. Today CAMBI has offices in 9 different countries. With 61 plants worldwide committed to the CambiTHP® process, and 21 countries adopting our technologies, Cambi serves more than 60 million people around the globe.

“As one of most important water and wastewater events, we see IWA WWCE 2018 in Tokyo is a great opportunity to showcase our new smart instrument for wastewater analysis and collect market feedback from stakeholders around the world. We are looking forward to meeting many inspired and passionate professionals during the congress.”

As a market leader in the area of low gas flow analytical instruments for wastes and wastewater treatment related applications, Bioprocess Control brings to market analytical instruments that allow for more efficient, reliable and high-quality research and analysis, leading to significant reductions in time and labour.


Dr. Jing Liu, CEO of Bioprocess Control Sweden AB

OBOR Environmental Technology and Industry Alliance is proud to be present at the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition 2018, this is in line with the alliance’s own positioning and development goals.
It aims to enhance mutual understanding between China’s water utilities and developing countries, to implement the “go out” strategy for China’s water utilities.

As a member of the IWA, OBOR Environmental Technology and Industry Alliance can do well through the IWA WWCE 2018, to promote wider participation in international exchanges.

OBOR Environmental  Technology and Industry Alliance

Dynamita is pleased to bring Sumo, our advanced dynamic process modelling package to it’s native land, Japan. Sumo feels at home amongst the high quality environmental companies that are all using the International Water Association umbrella to showcase their technology.

Sumo ( is the newest and most versatile dynamic simulation package on the market. After the influent measurements and plant configuration are entered, Sumo knows what kind of effluent quality will result, even daily peaks or during storms, and the user can try many operational or control scenarios in a short time. Sumo can handle treatment plants of unlimited complexity, BOD, nitrogen and phosphorus removal, digestion, sidestream treatment, IFAS and MBBR, SBRs, trickling filters, granular sludge, membrane bioreactors, primary and final settling, thickeners, centrifuges and all process units typically used in municipal and industrial treatment plants. It comes with many real-life examples and a detailed manual to help the introduction of advanced modelling for new users. Training courses are also offered. Sumo is used worldwide in Europe, North America, Australia and Asia by design engineers, municipalities and plant personnel, as well as in universities. Its main advantages are its open process source code, very fast simulation times, extensive model set and affordable pricing. The international team behind Sumo is well known for its outstanding support which is included in the license.

Sumo speaks English, French, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Japanese and more languages are added continuously. Dynamita and its representatives are present in France, Canada, Austria, Hungary, South Korea, Japan, China.

InfoWorks Series is the leading water resource simulation software for the worldwide water industry, whose developer, Innovyze, is recognized for their technical superiority and reliability, and unrivalled capability. As the sole sales agency of Innovyze Inc. in Japan, we will exhibit their simulation applications for water supply networks, InfoWorks WS Pro and for drainage networks, InfoWorks ICM, along with real time simulation systems such as IWLive Pro and ICMLive. Emori Infotec believes that IWA WWCE 2018 should be the great opportunity for us to meet many professionals and share our experiences.

The 2018 World Water Congress is a great opportunity for ShinNan, and we feel privileged to be involved with this, the most important global water event. As a leader of Ductile Iron Pipes & Fittings manufacturers in Taiwan, ShinNan looks forward to meet with participants to show our capabilities of Ductile Iron Pipes & Fittings, and learning the experiences from them.

ShinNan Casting Factory Co., Ltd.

The IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan, will provide EMS the great opportunity to be part of the global water community. At IWA 2018, we will demo the Smart Water Meter, Wireless datalogger, AMR system with the latest IoT technology based on the application of the utility, commercial and industry. It’s hoped that we will meet in Tokyo and provide you the best technology to solve the water-scarcity problems nowadays.

James Yang, General Manager

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