Achieving water security and building climate resilience within our watersheds

About the Forum

Urban stakeholders have a critical role to play in preserving the freshwater resources on which they depend. A disruption in supply of freshwater resources to cities can have significant economic, environmental and health consequences. The Basin-Connected Cities Forum will explore what actions by cities need to be taken today to achieve sustainable management of basins into the future.

Who will attend?

The Forum is open to all participants of the World Water Congress.

Join cities, regulators, utilities, industry, and basin leaders in exchanging experiences and determining how to become better water stewards in their watersheds to secure the water resource, protect water quality and prepare (and respond) to extreme events.

What is the Forum Structure?

Following the Basin Leaders Forum in Brisbane, Australia in 2016, and a series of workshops in 2017 which have shaped the Agenda, the Forum will convene thought leaders and urban stakeholders.  There will be two 90 minute sessions, the first on the Transition to Basin-Connected Cities and the second on Innovative Practices The sessions will have a mixture of panel and roundtable discussion where the aim is to maximise knowledge sharing

The event will follow the launch of the Basin-Connected Cities Action Agenda at the Water Wise Pavilion on September 19th at 12:30pm.  The Agenda aims to influence and activate urban stakeholders to protect and invest in water resources with basin and catchment organisations.

Expected outputs

  • Outcome report with key messages and next steps
  • Collection of case studies to illustrate the Basin-Connected Action Agenda

Get involved

*An IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition 2018 registration is compulsory for Forum attendees.

Preliminary agenda
Thursday, 20 September 2018 – 10:30-15:00 – Room 7

Session 1
Transition to Basin-Connected Cities
City representatives from Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, Melbourne, Kampala, and Paris will share perspectives on the process being undertaken to improve interaction between the city and its basin.

The panel will follow with roundtable discussions led by cities and water utilities.

Session 2
Innovative practices: Tools for action
Speakers from different perspectives (basin, regulator, utility, ministry and private sector) will share cases on how to realise action that enables basin-connected cities.

This will be followed by a panel discussion and roundtable discussions led by different stakeholders.

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Basin-Connected Cities Action Agenda

The “Basin-Connected Cities Action Agenda” aims to inform, influence and activate urban stakeholders to protect and invest in water resources with basin and catchment organisations. The Agenda outlines pathways to action to help urban stakeholders be better connected with their watersheds, including securing the water resource, protecting water quality and preparing (and responding) to extreme events.

Join the  launch: IWA Water Wise Pavilion, Exhibition – Wednesday, 19 September 2018 at 12:30 PM

Programme Committee

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